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Meke, bihon or miswa?

Posted by JayPee Saturday, July 24, 2010 ,

The famous La Paz batchoy is a concoction of noodles, pork, liver and innards in broth topped with chicharon, garlic and chives. Among the popular batchoyans in town is Ted's Oldtimer who is credited to be the innovator of La Paz batchoy as it is known today throughout the country. Among the innovations they introduced are batchoys using different kinds of noodles which one can decide upon ordering in their stores. The original and default order is made with these yellow egg noodles known as meke. With a hint of saltiness, these noodles have been chosen as the original maybe it is among the least expensive during those days. Also the noodles compliment the taste and the color of the other ingredients making it pleasing to the eyes. And usually this noodles makes the perfect presentation of the batchoy as it holds firmly the other ingredients that makes the signature mound on a batchoy bowl. Sad to say that the new deep bowls being used now in some branches makes it impossible to have a good visual presentation of La paz batchoy.
The next one I've tried is the miswa version. When my order came, I though I was served with a bowl of caldo (broth) for I can only see the broth. Later when I dipped my spoon and scooped what was hidden underneath, then I saw everything. Same amount of ingredients and toppings just lost in the broth because the miswa cannot hold it and it becomes soggy after sometime. It sort of like eating a soup with meat as one barely gets to "bite" the miswa.
And my latest is their bihon batchoy, which is a cross between the previous two. Mild in taste that it enhances the flavour more but like miswa the batchoy is "lost in presentation". It came in a deep bowl plus the noodles sink to the bottom bringing the others so it was a deja vu of the caldo mixed up before. But still the same as they serve with the same amount of ingredients and no chance of short changing any order.

I have yet to try is the one made with sotanghon and now I expect it to be slippery both literally and figuratively as this noodle is the last one I will be able to try. So what's your La Paz batchoy made with?


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