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Tatoy's Manokan & Seafoods

Posted by JayPee Sunday, July 25, 2010

Built in the 70’s by Honorato Tiburan Espinosa, Tatoy’s started only as a nipa shack with three tables tucked in a corner across from the beach. Because he was a fisherman, Honorato (Tatoy) harness his knowledge if the sea to source only the best and freshest seafood for his customers – and prepared these with the honesty and simplicity of an instinctive cook. When the word of mouth spread, the place become deluged with customers, and Tatoy’s was on its way to becoming the venerable institution it now is, with a beach front property that includes an indoor dining room, an outdoor pavilion and a convention hall. Although eight of his nine children help in the restaurant (the other one runs a separate restaurant named Nes and Tats), Tatoy and his wife are still active in the day-to-day operations. Often he can be found wiping a table clean or even serving the customers himself.
Tatoy's specialty - native litsong manok, commands a high price for an open fire roasted chicken. For PhP300, one gets to enjoy a plate of this native Visayansstrain of chicken known as darag or just "Bisaya nga manok". And it's really worth it since you might never get to taste a litson manok anywhere else. offering is it's native litsong manok that tastes like no other.A personal favorite of mine are these grilled scallops. That time they were much bigger than those served at Breakthrough Restaurant, its main competitor but Tatoy's timpla is way better. It's "dabbed" calamansi-butter-garlic concoction that every scallop makes you even want to have more. A plate costs PhP170 - that's around 20 pesos for each succulent scallop but it's totally worth it.
Tatoy's grilled bangus is among the best I've tasted since it sort is prepared inasal style. Check out the color of the fish and you'll know instantly. Served boneless and most of the time in large size, the bangus can be eaten on it's own because of it's already tasty timpla. No need to dip it in sinamak or that toyo-calamansi-sili concoction. No wonder it costs aroudn PhP240up depending on the weight.
And lastly a bowl of fish soup (either tail or head) provides a perfect sabaw during any meal at Tatoy's. And these meals always turns up into special meals for one is served with the best and freshest produce this famous Iloilo restaurant has done for some many years that Tatoy's has become such an icon to the locals and tourists alike.
Italicized text coustesy of the article entitled
by Norma Chikiamco
for FOOD Magazine August 2007 issue


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