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Mang Inasal

Posted by JayPee Friday, July 23, 2010

About six years ago, two gentlemen from the South dared to take their chances in the metropolis called Manila.

Before the launch of their first branch in Metro Manila, Edgar “Injap” Sia , the man behind Iloilo’s famous Mang Inasal, was understandably cautious. Sure, their existing branches were a big hit in the Visayas, as fellow Ilonggos could not seem to get enough of their scrumptiously moist and juicy, tender and tasty barbecued chicken, meats and seafood. But would the ever-evolving palates of Manila folks accept Mang Inasal as well?
To Sia’s pleasant surprise, Mang Inasal was eagerly embraced by Manila foodies. And today, Mang Inasal has become a culinary force to reckon with. Both by word of mouth and aggressive marketing communications efforts, the Visayan favorite is now a Metro Manila hotspot too.
Sia says, “We have 160 branches to date. The first in Manila at the Mall of Asia was actually the 18th branch of Mang Inasal. We’re going six years this coming December 12. For this year, we hope to have a total of 200 branches and another 100 next year. In the next five years, we are aiming for 100 branches a year nationwide.”Sia believes that this success can be attributed to many factors which come together to make a totality—affordability, a distinct Filipino flavor, the unlimited rice offerings, the strategic location of branches and the dynamic brand build up that creates favorable awareness for Mang Inasal.

At just about the same time that Sia was preparing for Mang Inasal’s Manila debut, one young man was gearing up for his own conquest of the nation’s capital. Mark Bautista grew up in Cagayan de Oro with his father Darni, mother Susan, three other brothers and a sister. Bautista recalls how even at an early age, he and his siblings were taught the value of hard work. Their parents never spoiled them and made sure that they understood responsibility by dutifully performing household chores. It was also from his father that he learned humility and grace. The older Bautista always had a ready smile, even for strangers.When his father was unable to continue working as a seaman due to health reasons, Bautista decided to join a singing contest to help with the family’s financial obligations. His second prize win at the show Star for a Night catapulted him to greater heights in the entertainment industry. Today, he is a popular show biz personality, a mainstay of the star studded Sunday noontime program ASAP, with a string of musical hits to his name, and a blooming film career

Never in his entire life did Bautista dream of such a success. All he wanted was to help his family. He remarks, “Today, I am overflowing with blessings. I recognize how valuable these opportunities are and I am making the most of them. I also acknowledge that the fruits of my work are gifts from God and I am thankful and glad to enjoy them.”
Fortune smiled at these two unassuming gentlemen who, by sheer hard work and a humble attitude, attained their goals and dreams. And as if serendipity sought out two like-minded individuals to complement each other, Mang Inasal has partnered with Mark Bautista to take the message of good food and family celebrations to more and more Filipinos nationwide.

Sia observes, “I think we have some similarities. Mark also started in 2004, the same with Mang Inasal. Like Mang Inasal, Mark is very unassuming but he has stayed in the entertainment world for quite some time already and he’s doing well. And we feel that Mark, like Mang Inasal, has a very big potential, coming into the next few years as they slowly unfold.”
For his part, Bautista says, “Mang Inasal is very hard working, they give it their all, they are persistent and aggressive. They want to succeed in the industry. And that is also what I see in myself. “

Today after six years, the two gentlemen from the South are more inspired than ever. All their efforts are paying off, giving credence to the principle that hard work, patience, honesty and faith in God make the best formula for success. And when at times the road may seem so rough and long, just keep walking and working and who knows, the dream may be closer to fulfillment than you think.

Article courtesy of The Manila Times
Photos courtesy of MangInasal (2nd) and Skyscrapercity forum (last)


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