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Posted by JayPee Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's with an "A" so this is different from ubod but "technically" the same. Confused? Well ubod is the pith or the center of a coconut tree while ubad is the pith of a banana tree. To have an ubad means a whole banana tree has been cut down and stripped to bare its center. So goodbye to banana fruit, leaves and heart.
To prepare an ubad for cooking, first thinly slice, around half a centimeter, the cleaned pith (must be very white and sized like a fluorescent lamp to be sure of the quality.) . Then using a barbecue stick, remove web like fibers "interconnecting" these slices (these are actually "hardened" banana sap). When finished you can crush is into smaller pieces and add to your cooking.Ubad is mostly used as extender to the usual meat and vegetable dishes, the most famous of which is the ubad-kadyos-chicken combination. Another dish that goes well with ubad is the usual ginisang monggo. With pieces of pork or chicken and malunggay as "greens", it'll surely be an appetizing and healthy eat.

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  2. wow!!!i am proud to be an ilonggo!!!so many things that extremely amazing when exploring and knowing ilonggo delicacies, foods, culture and its people...We are not only popular for being sweet and kindly hospitable humanitarian but as well as good in cooking and delightful tastes....APRUB KMU!!!


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