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Panaderia de Molo

Posted by JayPee Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Panaderia de Molo

Panaderia de Molo is more than just a bakeshop. Its name is embedded in the history of Iloilo, making it a witness to some of the most important events in the Molo district. Dr. Kristine Sanson-Treñas, the fourth generation owner of Panaderia de Molo, tells the colorful story of this antediluvian bakeshop.

Panaderia de Molo

In the later part of the 19th century, five spinsters put up Panaderia de Molo whose sole heir was Dr. Treñas’ grandmother. “My great grandmothers might have started formulating things during their idle times in the afternoon,” Dr. Kristine reveals the conception of the bakeshop.

History would tell us that in the 1800’s, the masons would use egg whites to cement the bricks of the walls of the churches they were building. So as not to waste the rest of the egg, women would make cookies out of them. When women gave birth to that idea, Panaderia de Molo was also born. Although we cannot deny the fact that most of what we see in the panaderia has a lot of Spanish flavor to them (with the recipes having been handed down by Spaniards to the women during the Spanish colonization) we can still consider these creations as somehow Ilonggo originals since it was the Ilonggas who molded, baked and made them popular. For something whose popularity retains for more than a century, it must really be very special, for even songs sometimes fade away with time.

Panaderia de Molo has three branches in Iloilo City. The original bakeshop used to be in the Sanson’s ancestral house in Molo, Years ago, the family decided to move it to a street side area where it is more convenient for clients. The other two branches can be found in Jaro and Rizal St. fronting the University of Iloilo. Galletas is considered one of Panaderia de Molo’s best sellers. It has the kind of taste that makes you want more and more of it. Read more

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Clockwise, from topmost right: kinihad, bañadas, barquillos, galletas, kinamonsil, biscocho prinsipe
Panaderia de Molo's assorted biscuits are packaged in either the tin round cans or in small boxes, with the various biscuits packed in individual plastic packs.

Kinihad are thin slices of toasted bread, great for dipping into coffee or hot chocolate, and would benefit greatly from a spread of sweet jam and butter. They are like biscochos without the baked in butter and sugar on top.
Bañadas are soft round cookies glazed with sugar icing, which reminds me of something similar in Pangasinan, and which made the late food doyen Doreen Fernandez wax sentimental over the local bakery treats in her hometown of Silay City.

Of course who doesn't know barquillos, called apas elsewhere (but is different from the thin apas of the Tagalog region), the long tubes of rolled wafer-thin biscuits of our childhood that have evolved into the present chocolate-marbled and -filled Stikkos? This barquillo was coconut-flavored, and it was delicious without cloyingly sweet. It ranks among my other barquillo favorites - the ube and pandan flavored ones from Biscocho Hauz, also in Iloilo City.

Panaderia de Molo

Panaderia de Molo's galletas are one of a kind - not like the dry, chalky Luzon galletas that are choking hazards - they are crispy, thin as an unrolled barquillo, and more like a crunchy communion host. Very close to the apas of the Southern Tagalog region, but with the characteristic chalky taste.

Kinamonsil ape the shape of a kamonsil or camachile (Pithecellobium dulce, known among international tropical plant enthusiasts as Manila Tamarind) with its decorative form. I rather like my province's own camachile biscuit, though, as i t is not as hard and sweeter.

The one I like best among the lot, besides the hojaldres and are akin to otap but are not as flaky and softer, are easily the biscocho prinsipe. I like Ilonggo biscocho (and not the Ilocano biscocho), but I love biscocho prinsipe. The qualification prinsipe (prince) is a deserving adjective - it is indeed a royal biscuit. It isn't even a biscocho, it is more like a slice of dried butter pound cake - crumbly, buttery sweet, finger-licking good. It needs nothing else. Read more ...

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Bucaio | Tinapay: Iloilo Delicacies By Way of Bacolod


  1. Yes, "Panaderia De Molo" has mainatained its quality through the years. Although its products has shifted to cater the C & D besides the A & B segment to better its market share Dr. Kristin Louis Gaona Trenas & her "ageless & beautiful" younger sister Dr. Georgina Anne "Chila" Gaona make it a point to leave PDM their legacy of excellence on how commercial baking should be!

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. where can i get some in quezon city.. i love so much and the last time i was in iloilo was the 70's... do u have an outlet or do u send by LBC or other couriers??

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. is it possible to ship here in the USA

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  11. Our family left Molo, in June 1968 for the polar Vortex State of Wisconsin, USA. My dad and mom are blessed to be able to visit the old country and city at least once a year since then and still do. Every time they come back they would bring back a balikbayan box full of assorted Panaderia De Molo goodies. We divvy it up and retreat to our respective homes to savor the taste of home baked cookies. We shared some with friends but ate most of it ourselves. Our half breed children have grown to like it too. It has maintained it delicious quality over the years and we are always looking forward to when my parents come back to eat some more.

    So the Panaderia De Molo brand is strong here in Kenosha, Wisconsin USA. 50 miles north of Chicago, IL and 40 miles south of Milwaukee WI and on the shores of Lake Michigan.

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