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Kadyos baboy langka

Posted by JayPee Thursday, July 15, 2010 ,

Kadyos, baboy & langka popularly known as KBL is no doubt among the top and well loved cuisine of the Ilonggos. As the name suggests, the three basic ingredients are kadyos (cow peas/black eyed beans), baboy (pork) and langka (jackfruit-the unripe one). The fourth one, batwan gives the dish a distinct soury soup base.Kadyos. A common sight in local markets when in season, kadyos gives this dish a unique subtle flavour. When boiled, it gives the broth a light purplish hue and enhances the taste of soup.
Baboy. The most commonly used cut is pata (hinds) especially the lean-fat-cartilage/tendon combo. However, even left over lechon or adobo-cut pork can also be used. Broiling the pork first gives the soup a distinct taste.
Langka. Usually cut into large cubes and boiled until cooked before adding the souring ingredient. Doing otherwise (i.e. adding batwan, etc before it is cooked) would affect
Bat-wan. This tiny green fruit grows abundantly and is endemic to the region and mainly used as souring ingredients in soups and fish dishes.

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