Sabor Ilonggo

Ang mga manamit sa Iloilo.


Posted by JayPee Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Every region in the Philippines has it's own version of a spiced vinegar and a name for it. In most parts of Western Visayas especially in Iloilo, it is known as sinamak. One can find it almost anywhere for it is a staple dip in almost every household and native restaurants. Be it chicken inasal or grilled pork chop to seafoods especially talaba, sinamak is the perfect dip to further one's appetite.
The recipe varies from each household and the percentage of the "ingredients" too but always present are siling labuyo (green and red for color variation and makes it more visually appetizing), ginger and garlic. Usually the vinegar used comes from coconuts but other varieites do as well. Just make one that suits your own taste and let dip set fire on your every meal.


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