Sabor Ilonggo

Ang mga manamit sa Iloilo.

Lapaz batchoy is often among the first-to-be-presented gastronomic delights to tourists on any visit to Iloilo City. This classic Ilonggo cuisine is synonymous with the city of love that any visit would be incomplete without having a bowl of this Ilonggo pride.
But with so many batchoyans around, surely it would be hard to decide where to bring guests to savour the famous Lapaz batchoy.Yet, the answer now is as easy as 1-2-3, at least in my case. The newest branch of Ted’s Oldtimer along Sen. Benigno Aquino Sr. Ave in Mandurriao beckons every passerby to come and experience the Ilonggo classic in a contemporary setting. Modern, spacious and trendy were among the first adjectives that came to mind when I finally visited this branch (that opened months ago). I felt as if the ambiance of the place and the delicacy it harbors are in silent rivalry. Though the store looks small from the outside, it actually is big in the inside.
Of course, the famous Lapaz batchoy would first one’s menu but this branch of Ted’s Oldtimer goes beyond this dish as it serves other delicious meals from breakfast to Filipino combo meals. And to take full advantage of its new found setting, yummy cakes and other desserts from its sister restaurant Dulgies have now found their way inside this batchoyan.Indeed this combination of a classic in a contemporary setting would surely become the future standard not only of Ted’s Oldtimer but of the whole batchoyan scene in Iloilo City and perhaps, beyond


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