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Peppy Thai Deli

Posted by JayPee Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thai cuisine is among the most renowned cooking in the world. And here in Iloilo City, among the more notable restaurants serving Thai specialties is a little hole in the wall food joint, aptly named Peppy Thai Deli.
Delighting Ilonggos for more than 10 years now, Peppy Thai is serves authentic Thai cuisine, Filipino style – that is turo-turo. Most of their food items are already cooked and displayed in front of the restaurant and patrons just turo (to point) dishes that they like and it will be served to them. Aside from these, they also have items on an order first then cooked basis.
Peppy Thai Deli used to be located in the outskirts of the city, in a place reflecting both rural Thailand and Philippines. It used to stand amidst the rice fields just beside a not so busy highway. It was a two-storey, al fresco restaurant that is just open only during lunch. There was no big landmark near the place, but usually people find it easily because of the number of vehicles clustered in the side of the road.
More than a year ago though, it has transferred to a more convenient and easily accessible location – in front of the Jaro Big market (Huwebesan). And just recently it started to serve dinner on Fridays.
It is always a feast eating at Peppy Thai, from the number of orders we have on the table to the actual taste of these cuisine. They have small orders though, almost good for one, but on a somewhat affordable price. This service is very attractive to “single” eaters who can actually enjoy Thai cuisine at a price good for one. Most Thai restos here are either found in hotels or posh places and serves food that are good for more than one.Among the best selling specialties they have are the fried papered squid (also known as squid flakes), nam tok (cold pork loin salad – a must order in my opinion), Thai fried rice, pandan chicken and Thai pork barbecue. They also have a variety of curries, soups and other Thai specialties.Next time you feel like deviating from the usual Ilonggo gastronomic fare, why not give this restaurant a try for its Thai cuisine, it must be Peppy Thai Deli – the one and only.

Peppy Thai Deli
El 98 Road, Desamparados, Jaro, Iloilo City.


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