Sabor Ilonggo

Ang mga manamit sa Iloilo.


Posted by JayPee Friday, July 16, 2010

Laswa is among the most popular Ilonggo vegetable dish and has so many variations despite it' simplicity. Mostly dependent on the the availability of vegetables, usually it has kalabasa, talong, okra, hantak (sitaw), tagabang (saluyot), patola and a host of other vegetables. For this recipe puso ng saging (banana heart) was added not only as "extender" but to add some texture.Cooking laswa is simple - just stew the vegetables and subak (usually fresh seafoods like shrimps, crabs, or even snails locals call bango-ngon) then season with salt or use broth cubes. Others prefer to use dried and salted seafoods like pinakas for it adds more flavour to the dish at the same time makes this vegetable dish more appetizing.Or at times this is solely a vegetable dish (no subak whatsoever) and is perfect partnered with fried or grilled meat and fish. No matter how you cook it or what you partner it with, laswa can stand out on its own as it has become an Ilonggo favorite vegetable dish.


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