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Dulgies Cafe

Posted by JayPee Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sitting down inside a cozy cafe and indulging in some of the best cakes and pastries in town is more than enough to distract us from the rain that poured heavily one Saturday afternoon. A meeting with the Iloilo Bloggers was set that time in one of the best places in Iloilo City to satisfy your sweet cravings - Dulgies Cafe.Choosing alone takes a great deal of effort as it is really difficult to make a decision which among their decadent cakes would satisfy one's sweet tooth. Will it be those blissful cheesecakes with a variety of toppings or those cakes which catch your attention with their eye catching design and colours.
What caught mine (and surely others too) was this blood red cake that can been miles away (lol). It's the first time I saw attention seeking cake and most probably one of their latest creations. Red in colour and velvety in texture, it's very obvious why it was named Red Velvet cake. With a generous topping of chopped almonds, this was the cake that I had my sight on.
It even has a cupcake version but pales in comparison. A yummy chocolate cupcake accompanies the red velvety cupcakes
Around the corner is a display of their other baked delights. Brownies, puddings, muffins and fruitty bars and breads - all equally appetizing as well. Missing on the display is their famous black rice bread which I was told was not sold by the packs. It is for the exclusive use for their (and my favorite) D'Club sandwich.
As the heavy rains continued, I enjoyed my D'Club Sandwich which I almost never finished and the Red Velvet cake which I had my sight on, just remained on the display. But there's always a next time. ;)


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