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Posted by JayPee Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The name Afrique’s is well-known to epicureans in Iloilo. If you’re a guest and would want to leave this city with great memories of pizza and pasta, Afrique’s can give you all that.

Miguel Cordova, Iloilo’s most popular young chef, takes us back to history. “Hughes Street used to be a strip where big business establishments were built. There are still many beautiful structures you can see around but only a few of them have been maintained.

Somewhere at the end of this long street was where the casino used to be.” The once lonely old house now known as Afrique’s is a fresh face among old structures in the district. The Cordovas did all they could to maintain the original façade of the house.

It was built sometime in the 1930s and was owned by VirgilioFerraris. Salustiano Mirasol and Mrs. Consuelo Segovia later bought the house and became the ancestral house of the Mirasols. The Mirasols are only one of the many illustrious families in Iloilo. In the very house where Afrique’s is now was where Mrs. Esperanza Mirasol Macavinta and her siblings grew up. The is likened to a huge precious chest full of wonderful memories.

The Cordova’s eye for beauty enabled them to transform the almost dilapidated house into a Mediterrenean style bistro. Jaws of visitors would often drop at the first sight of Afrique’s. Aside from the luscious food, Afrique’s is also known for its unique ambiance that is homey yet elegant. Rafael Cordova, one of the siblings, says, “In Afriques, you don’t need to dress up. It has a very relaxed ambiance and a homey feel to it.” Just like what they say about history repeating itself (and in a very good way), the Cordova siblings are now taking care of the beautiful place and has given it prestige by making it the home of Afrique’s. Read More

Article courtesy of The News Today
Afrique’s… Remaking history and adding up a modern twist to the palate
Text & photos by Jinki Beldia


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